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When choosing shower stalls for your school or business, make sure you select a material that will last and will be easiest on your maintenance team. Third Dimension Specialties installs innovative HDPE shower stalls that will not rust and will require very little maintenance.


The multiple shower and dressing stall applications we install are able to accommodate any layout or any facility and ADA requirement. Solid HDPE will not accumulate mold, mildew, or odors. Try it for yourself!

Cost-Effective Shower Stalls

  • Shower/dressing stall with curtain

  • Shower/dressing stall with doors

  • Showers with curtains

  • Shower panels for Terrazo base

  • Low maintenance

  • Affordable

  • 25-year warranty

Shower stall features and benefits

Make Third Dimension Specialties your one-stop source for plastic bathroom and locker room needs!

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